Thursday, 23 July 2009

The ego mirror.

I spent the day with a colleague who did me a major service. He is very egotistical. Everyone around him is at fault in one way or another. Nothing that anyone has ever done comes up to his standards. He spent today selecting various other colleagues (none of whom were there) and subjecting them to vitriol and character assassination, and when he wasn't doing that he was telling me about his many achievements, ten books, an almost complete PhD, fluency in Japanese and many more besides.

So what service did he do for me, you maybe asking? How can a man so selfish do anything of anything of any value for anyone? Well, he was a mirror in which I saw myself. So many times I have tried to build myself up by knocking others down. Singing my own praises is the same thing. By boasting about my achievements, I'm knocking them down and the usual result of this is that another ego gets its back up and defends itself. Then a fight ensues, usually low level and enduring, a relationship all but destroyed. So in all his ranting and raving today, my colleague showed myself to me and helped remotivate my practice. I'm grateful to him.


  1. Sounds like my mother. :P

  2. lol, quite the common characteristic though, eh? I think we all have a bit of it in us.