Thursday, 23 July 2009

Weeding the garden.

Today I need to weed my moss garden. In summer new weeds appear daily it seems. At times I feel that I'm wasting my time as no sooner do I weed, new weeds start growing again. One time this thought came to me, but I remembered Dogen's advice about just doing something and finding the universe in it.

Weeding seems like such a boring job, but when I am in practice, rather than utter delusion, being down amongst the bushes, moss and lichens, paying full attention to the musty smells of damp foliage and a mosquito coil, just weeding, nipping the tiny shoots of wayward grasses and creepers with the tips of my finger nails, life becomes uncomplicated, easy and full. When I rise from weeding, I go back into my house, back into my family, a better man.

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