Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Buddhism must be relevant to all of us.

I was driving the car today with the family in tow, kids loud, 36 degrees and sweltering humidity, money tight and work needing done on the house and all was not well to be honest. I was under pressure for sure. At that point I thought of my practice and all that I have learned of late regarding attachment and the worry and anxiety that can result from it. Owning a house and having a family brings grief, that's for sure.

I thought of all those monks in all those temples hidden in all those secluded, serene places, with no possessions, no children, no concern for earning, just sitting, working the gardens and the grounds and how easy it must be for them to sustain a relatively worry free existence compared to us plebs.

Then I was struck with the realisation that Buddhism must be as relevant to me as it is to them. The promise of Buddhism must be as realisable to me and to all like me as it is to the monks or it isn't worth one gonk on a mukugo. I need to find my freedom in my life as it is, with all it's trials and grief.

And in saying that (just off on a slight tangent here), we'd a quake two days ago. My wife and I woke at 5am and the house was shaking severely. It was the biggest quake I've experienced yet. Then yesterday we went visiting to the north and drove along a very precarious road above a river, cut into the side of a mountain. I thought that such a road would be very dangerous if a quake was to hit, with landslides and the like. Then this morning I woke at around 5:30 out of a nightmare in which my family and I were falling from bridge into a river in the car because of a quake. It was crap. There was no way I was going to get back to sleep so I went downstairs, washed my face and then took out the zafu for a 20 minute sit. When my alarm went, in my mind I had a guy pinned to the ground and I was pummeling the head of him with my fists. The rest of the day wasn't much better.

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