Sunday, 2 August 2009

Zazenkai this morning.

Went to the temple this morning for zazen and when I turned up, I was the only one there. At first I thought it wasn't on and that I'd not understood the previous week, but after a few minutes someone else turned up who I hadn't seen there for months. So he and I were waiting with about 10 minutes to start when he put on robes which I thought were very strange for a zendo, the lower robes of a kendo or kyudo practitioner, i.e. Japanese swordsmanship and archery. It transpired that he was home on holiday from a monastery in Kyoto where he's studying Rinzai Zen and they are the training robes for monks in both Rinzai and Sotoshu. I thought it was great that he would just turn up at a Soto temple and join in the zazen there. That's pretty cool that no such sectarianism exists here. Well, at least not with him.

Noone else turned up apart from the monk. It seems that it was because it's the summer holidays. Maybe it's not right for me to say so, because I know it shouldn't matter a jot, but it was certainly nice sitting in a more or less empty zendo, with the rain lashing down outside and a myriad of plopping and dropping of the water from the roof into the various drains around the place. The rainy season has lasted longer than usual this year so quite cool in comparison with previous years. It's a sweet relief, although I know this shouldn't matter either!

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