Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Eiheiji this week.

My sesshin is Eiheiji starts this week. I'll arrive there on Thursday morning and leave on Sunday morning. I have to say that I'm a little apprehensive as it looks like it will be a real test of endurance. I'm excited nonetheless. I don't have to bring much, just some clothes and washing stuff and a little money. Apparently I can rent the necessary robes there. I'd rather not use robes, just my own clothes, but when in Rome, as they say.

Initially I had intended to prepare a bit better. I had palnned to learn the Heart Sutra by rote and learn more about oryoki, the meal routine in temples, but I've done no more than read a bit about oryoki and watch one or two instructional videos on YouTube.
More than anything, I'm looking forward to being able to give my full attention to practice for three days, without worries about child-care or work, or shopping, or anything for that matter. Just practice in an environment designed for practice. I'm hoping I can learn a lot just through practice itself. I'm also hoping that I can find a teacher through it. Eiheiji has a satellite temple not far from my home and I'm hoping that I can get an introduction to it.

I'll post at length I suppose when I return. I might bring a camera too and take a few photos to publish.



  1. Hi, interesting blog! I'm thinking about becoming a monk in Japan myself, i'm from England, and i'm wondering if you could give me some info on whether it is possible for a foreigner to become a monk in Japan, and any tips or advice on where to look etc? It would be great to have a chat, if you could email me that would be great. Email is:

    Also i love that picture of the monks facing the wall? i'd love to have a large copy to use as my desktop wallpaper!