Thursday, 31 December 2009

Can muppets ride motorbikes?

So I got all geared up this morning to go get petrol in the motorbike as it was low for a couple of days. It's takes some time getting ready to ride in the winter, with several layers being put on, gloves, scarf tucked up under the helmet, big socks, boots etc. 

I kissed my wife and kids goodbye, left the house, got to the bike, had forgotten my keys, went back into the house, got the keys, kissed the family again, went back to the bike, took off the chain, put the chain under the seat, got on the bike, started it, reversed out of the drive onto the road and was just about to start off when I checked the dials and saw that the thing was full of gas. I'd filled it yesterday. Mindfulness? I think not. 

Can muppets ride motorbikes?

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