Saturday, 27 February 2010

I don't like being me today.

I slept in this morning after going to bed too late last night after having a row with my wife for hogging the PC for most of yesterday. I was angry and rude to her last night and she didn't deserve it because she was right. My anger came about because I was caught lying. I was supposed to be doing research, not browsing aimlessly through the long list of Bookmarks on my browser. When she needed to use the PC I would quickly switch to MS Word and the document with two paragraphs that had taken me half a day to write.

So I slept in this morning. My alarm was set for 6am, and it went off, but I turned over and woke again at almost 7am. Still, I got up and went tothe temple, didn't strike the bell or the drum and sat for 40 minutes with my head swimming full of nonsense. I watched Michael Moore's new documentary last night, Capitalism, A Love Story. Its narrative was stuck in my mind and the Woody Guthrie song used in the closing credits played constantly in the background. I learned the song during some time I spent as an itinerant worker in my early twenties.

Whatever the nonsense I've brought upon myself, I'm sitting each morning regardless. It's the best remedy. Rigourous honesty is the key and the present is where rigourous honesty resides.


  1. I love it..Zazufrog. I know just where this post is coming from. I have been in that same spot too many times.

  2. You and be both sir, you and me both!