Monday, 10 May 2010

A definition of Zen.

This is the definition of Zen offered by the Aichi Gakuin University's Institute of Zen Studies in their introductory pamphlet. I liked it so much that I immediately thought of posting it here. It is as follows:

'Our daily life is under the complete influence of thoughts, ideas and conceptions, which are nothing but the outcome of the self-consciousness caused by various desires. The real life-to-be, or the real "I" cannot be anything conceived in our brain, but can be the real fact that "We are living". Needless to say, it comprises the personal building up of other's selves as well as one's own self. To attain this state, one should be devoted to the practice of "Zazen" with a pure motive and firm a determination.'


  1. Yeah, that's allright... Thanks!

  2. Yep, that's pretty nice! Thanks!

  3. Hi folks. Yeah, it's not easy to find as concise a definition as that very often. I reckoned it was worth posting. I monkey mind like mine needs things said simply or I fail to grasp anything!