Friday, 14 May 2010

Some photos of the uni zendo

I finally managed to get into the university zendo by myself today after my class finished. Now that I've done it, it seems that it won't be a problem to go every week. I brought my phone in to use as a timer, and I used it to take the photos, so they're not the best quality, but you'll get an idea of what the place looks like. What's really cool about it is that it's quite far from any roads, so there's virtually no traffic noise, or any noise for that matter, apart from the trees blowing in the wind and the distant voices of the students moving around the campus.

Inside the zendo. There is seating for over one hundred in the zendo's main hall, but people would have to sit two deep on the tan.

This is similar to standard Soto Zen monasteries, having a full sized tatami mat on the tan. Usually, a novice monk would all but live on this mat, sleeping, sitting and eating on it. In Eiheiji there is a small locker at the head of the mat and this is where the novice would keep his bedding and the few things he needs for his monastic life.

The main zendo hall is surrounded by a corridor on four sides, one of which also has tan on both sides of the door which leads into the main zendo hall. You can see the wooden fish gong, the bell and drum used to signal the beginning and ending of sittings at the end of this corridor.

So this is it, the zendo at the university I'll be teaching an English lesson at every Friday morning. I'll be sitting here alone every Friday and in a zazenkai on the first Tuesday of every month. I'm really hoping that I can build relationships with the sangha here and maybe one day become a part of it. My fingers, and legs, are crossed!

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  1. Looking really lovely! All the best to you and to your efforts!