Saturday, 23 October 2010

This mind of mine.

Well, I'm still struggling with this wall of noise between my ears. I know it shouldn't be a struggle, just a calm letting go, but I struggle with it. Sometimes I can sit so well, in utter silence of the mind, and then at other times it's as if there is a troop of chattering monkeys marauding around the inside of my head. My teacher said that the first step is to recognise the malaise of mind. Then to believe that it can be overcome, and then to engage in a practice which can bring it to an end.

I'll start sewing my rakasu tonight or tomorrow. I'll be undertaking shukke tokudo (ordination as a Soto Zen buddhist monk) before the end of the year. I'm as serious about this practice as I ever was, but I still believe that this is a step  that can help boost my motivation. I'll blog a bit about it as things develop.


  1. Wow, congratulations for the decision of taking the Precepts! Marvellous!

  2. Your will to Truth is inspiring! Congratulations!

    I’ve the same problem. Monkey mind. But that’s because I desire - I desire – the peace of mind, harmony, balance etc.

    But hey, when I attain those things, then what? Soon I get bored again.

    Bodhidharma said: “All phenomena are empty. They contain nothing worth desiring.”

    When I’ve sat every day and lived my life, slowly I’ve started to think that maybe Bodhidharma’s words are really true.  (It’s not necessarily fun.)

  3. Hi folks,

    Thanks for the encouragement and the advice. You're very kind indeed. It's a good road we walk.
    I'm a bit slow getting the rakusu started properly as I'm very busy with work. I had a chat with my teacher last night and we have discussed dates, some as early as the first week of next month, so I have to get it done and sent to him beforehand. Thankfully I'll have a lot of time next week to get stuck into it.