Friday, 23 December 2011

般若心経を習ってる。  Learning The Heart Sutra.

The holidays have started and I have as a goal, before returning to work, to learn The Heart Sutra in Japanese so that I can recite it along with the people in my zazen group at the temple. Once I learn it, I will get a mokyugo and floor bell and practice keeping time. I just need to find a sword with which to slay the beast of procrastination. It has its teeth permanently embedded in my arse.


  1. I would Procrastinate, however I do not have time right now.

    Give yourself a break over the Holidays, Learn 3 lines of it in Japanese and then stop for awhile, either that or learn the Raven by Edgar Allen Japanese.. I think I would even go to a Coffee Shop Open Mic Night to listen to that!

    What do you think?

    Have a Great Holiday either way!



  2. Leo, I learned three lines of it ages ago, but let it slip. Now I can only remember one and a half lines. I think it's leaving with the brain cells.
    I can start of the chanting in the temple fine, but then I quickly disintegrate into a pathetic mouthing humming.
    Getting started on things is not a problem for me, but my life is littered with things just started and not continued, apart from all the crap that is really bad for me. It's the only stuff I seem to stick at. I'm pretty expert at doing the bad shit actually. I even used to be proud of it!

  3. I still do the things that are bad for me, and I truly start things and rarely finish them. In fact I attempted to make a small electronic device from a kit, it did not work. So I have the non-functioning device tacked to my bulletin board with "Epic Fail" scratched out in pen next to it.
    Does completing something that does not work count as a completion?
    I understand being proud of all the bad shit, it's almost like wearing a badge or getting a reward, and the folks that don't like it are wankers... or something like that. These days I'm more temperate in my aggressions.
    I am going to attempt to have a real good time during the Holidays, a bit of beer, some food, and doing like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a bit of Giving it Away. It is true that charity makes you feel good. So take it easy and have a good time the Chanting will wait.


    The in crowd say it's cool
    To dig this chanting thing
    But as the wind changed direction
    The temple band took five
    The crowd caught a whiff
    Of that crazy Casbah jive

  4. Hey Leo,

    I hope you had that excellent Christmas mate. Have an excellent New Year too.


  5. Happy New Year! I will be at work whilst the year changes over in these parts.

    X-mas was great and I hope your year is interesting and informative.



  6. Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the next day.