Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Heart Sutra and Fuekou.

After zazen every Sunday morning we go to the temple hondo to recite sutras. Each month has a new sutra from the Sotoshu standard sutra book. The Heart Sutra is the sutra we recite in January. After reciting the main sutra we also recite Fuekou (普回向), so I included it too. At the beginning you can hear some of the old folks taking a moment or two to get into time. It was 6am and just above freezing, so minds were not fully on the sutra until the head monk joined in to get everyone singing from the same hymn-sheet, so to speak.

In truth, I don't hold a lot of stead in the cultural forms, but this is the sangha I've joined, so I accept their ways.  

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