Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sweeping troll turds off the porch.

When we sit in zazen we ignore the ramblings of our brain. You see, the brain produces thoughts like the arse produces farts. That's what brains and arses do. They can't help it, so we shouldn't curse them for it. The skill of zazen, whether we are practicing on the zafu or going about our daily business, is to not get caught up in our brain farts.

This is also true with regards to the brain farts of others. Other people's brains fart just like our own. We should understand this, and ignore their nonsense to the best of our ability, just like we ignore our own.


  1. yah ! got there, i'm going to keep an eye on this site for years and if you pretend to be open and remove the comment moderation i'm going to post again ! you FUCKING BULLSHIT ARTIST