Tuesday, 14 August 2012

When we sit zazen, we face the wall, but, more importantly, we face the self.

Many of us find it difficult to understand what do to when we first come to zazen. Certainly I did. Understanding the posture was the easy bit, even if achieving it wasn't so easy. However, the most difficult bit was understanding what I should be doing in my head whilst sitting.

I came to understand that to sit zazen is to face the self, to observe the machinations of the mind, to be the observer. That's all. To be the observer. And by being the observer of the mind, that is, the thought processes, we are our real self, not the misunderstanding of self that we create through thinking. And what is the real self? It is that which is, while you are observing the though processes of your mind, and only you can truly know it, because only you can experience it. It is the balanced self, the wise self, the contented self, the self free from anxiety. It is the gateway to the dharma, and the dharma itself.


  1. I like this very much Mr. Frog, it is very clear and I needed to read something like this just now in my life. Thanks



    1. Hi Leo. I haven't seen you around for some time mate. I was wondering where your blog had gone. I hope you're well.